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Replace My Teeth

Single Dental Implants

When a tooth is missing it can often be replaced by a dental implant. A dental implant acts like a replacement root, which is gently placed into the jaw.

Once the implant has been placed it acts like a root for which a crown can be placed on top. When crowns are fitted on implants, they act like individual teeth.

Our dentists will asses your teeth and inform you of the options and what suits best for your particular case. 


Bone Graft and Implants

Did you know that implants can be used to hold single crowns, bridges and even dentures. Many patients have been wearing dentures for years. Struggling with them moving around, they often resort to dental glue which can be messy and needs reapplying every few hours. With as little as dental implants this man was able to have a lower denture which sat firmly in his mouth. He was able to smile and eat with confidence with no messy adhesive.
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