Dental Implants

In the unfortunate event that you lose a tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants can be used to provide a fixed replacement. Unlike conventional bridges which often involve cutting down adjacent teeth, dental implants can replace teeth almost like for like. Dental implants utilise small titanium screws to support fix teeth or they can also be used to stabilise loose dentures. Our implant expert, has been carrying out simple and advanced implant treatments for over a decade. He also teaches students and dentists in the latest implant solutions and has had extensive training from around the world.

Implant Anterior Multiple Ceramics
Implant Anterior Multiple Ceramics

This young lady, unfortunately, lost her two front teeth following an accident and was wearing a denture. The denture was replaced with 2 dental implants and cosmetic crowns

Advanced Implant and Restorative Treatment
Advanced Implant and Restorative

This patient presented with a failed dental bridge. You can see from the before pictures that she had multiple missing and broken teeth. 5 dental implants were placed along with a new bespoke implant bridge and new crowns

Full Arch Implant Bridge
Full arch implant bridge

This gentleman had lower teeth that were failing and couldn’t bear the thought of a lower denture. In just one day, he has the teeth gently removed and 4 implants were placed at the same time along with a fixed temporary bridge. This meant he was able to comfortably eat and smile with confidence. The temporary bridge was then replaced with a bespoke permanent bridge after a few months

Implant Dentures
Lower Denture

This patient was struggling with keeping her lower denture in place, even with denture fixative. By placing just 2 implants we were able to give this lady a denture which held firmly in place, so she was able to eat better

Implant Bar Dentures
Implant Bar Dentures

 This patient lost her upper teeth through gum disease. With the help of our hygienists we stabilised the gum disease in her lower jaw. 4 implants were then placed in the upper jaw and these were connected  with a bespoke computer designed bar. This supported a very firm denture. You can see that the palate of the upper denture has been removed so that the patient can taste her food better.

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