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Dental patient Andy discusses his dental treatment with Kish at Harrogate Dental Care

Andy’s Harrogate Dental Journey

Andy came to see us after having problems with his bridges. He had really looked after teeth but unfortunately after 20 years his bridges had started to fail. Andy was retired but kept himself really fit by swimming every day. The thought of losing his teeth was unbearable. It would affect his confidence and his ability to eat and talk. Using the latest in 3D digital technology, we were able take into account his functional and aesthetics requirements. With our 3D planning software we were able to show him how we would plan his case and how his teeth would look at the end, even before we started. Andy was fascinated how dentistry had evolved and how we were going to carry out his treatment with such pin point accuracy. He was also excited that he was going to have fixed teeth all in one day. On the day of his surgery, Andy had a number of dental implants placed using key hole surgery. On the same day, a specialist laboratory from London was also at the clinic to make him a bespoke temporary bridge. This meant that within a few hours he was going home with beautiful fixed teeth and he was able to eat immediately. We saw Andy just 3 days later to check how he was getting on. He told us he was able to smile and eat immediately. He also reported no pain or swelling.
Six months later, he had his permanent bridge made. Andy was given all the options available. He decided to have a tooth coloured zirconia bridge and was overwhelmed with result. So much so he decided to have a little cosmetic touch up of his lower teeth. Andy now enjoys eating and speaking with confidence but most of all he’s able to enjoy his passion for swimming without the thought of needing to wear dentures.
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