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Replace My Teeth

Dental Bridges

Bridges are a fixed, non-removable solution to replace missing teeth. They can also be used to replace dentures sometimes.

Our experienced dentists will complete a detailed analysis of your bite and your aesthetic needs will be established prior to deciding which bridge options would be suitable for you. We will explain the aftercare required and encourage regular hygiene visits to ensure optimal gum hygiene and health.


Andy's Story​

Having had issues with his dental bridge Andy came to see Dr Kish Kumar to have his teeth fixed and restore his confidence.

Find out more about Andy’s experience at Harrogate Dental & Implant Clinic…

Before After

Dental Bridge Treatment

Failing Implant Bridges

This charming gentleman had some bridges which were made over 2 decades ago. Unfortunately they had now failed. Using our expert team we placed new dental implants and a fixed bridge. His now able to wine and dine like he used to 20 years ago!